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Tommy Wieringa Series
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Jenny Grigg
Best Designed Series (including Classics)
Scribe Publications

About the Designer

Jenny Grigg is an award winning Australian graphic designer who has worked in Sydney, London, Copenhagen and Melbourne. She has a PhD from RMIT University.

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Design Rationale

This series was designed to utilise the technique of colour overprinting. Created originally by hand using translucent colour gels, the images were later rendered digitally and printed in solid areas of Pantone colour. Initially intended to be produced on the textured stock and in the format of the firstly printed title ‘These Are The Names’ (Blue, Yellow, Black) the production specifications later changed due to cost. Each design features the initials of the author (TW) supported by one additional motif. These are contemporary novels, reflected in the clean areas of pure colour, minimised designs and lightweight, sans serif typography.

198 x 129
No. pages
Special finishes
Each book in the Wieringa series features 4 PMS colours on uncoated stock These Are the Names, the first in the series, included gatefolds. A Beautiful Young Wife was printed as a PPC in the UK.
Internal Design
Jenny Grigg
Tommy Wieringa