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Designed by
Marion Guerineau
Best Designed Independent Book
Akerman Daly

About the Designer

Marion has travelled and studied Graphic Design from France to the UK, stopping by Belgium. But it’s in London that she truly developed her designer self. She worked for the prestigious Carpenters Workshop Gallery and for the independent and inspiring publishing company Grub Street, as the in-house designer. And in parallel, as a freelancer for Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly, who together form Akerman and Daly—publishing artist’s writings. She now lives in Melbourne.

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Design Rationale

It has been thought to be an object in addition to the initial purpose of a book. The budget being small, the publishers, independent, it was important to stand out from the usual poems publication, and trying to win the loyalty of usual buyers, as well as being known. My inspiration was Bruno Munari and his unreadable books. The cut outs of the book transforms it into an object, a trophy of collection.The process was a bit perilous, I went through a lot a prototypes, adjustments and simplifications to be able to print and cut it 100 times.

200 x 143 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Cut out of inside pages after print.
Internal Design
Marion Guerineau
Marion Guerineau
Fraser Muggeridge Studio
Maria Zahle