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Alphabetical Sydney
  • Designers' Choice
  • Winner

Design Rationale

Alphabetical Sydney co-creator, illustrator and co-designer Antonia Pesenti had clear ideas on format, quarter binding and w/f paper, as well as the look of the internals. Antonia and the publisher wanted a timeless, nostalgic and handcrafted feel. Plus lots of white space to balance the detailed, colourful images. Freelance designer Natalie Winter worked closely with the NewSouth team and Antonia to ensure the collage-style illustrations reproduced, and designed font, drop caps and layout, along with the striking cover that cleverly combined elements from the book’s internals. Hardback with quarter binding on grained paper, yellow blocking on spine.

262 x 172 mm
No. pages
Antonia Pesenti
Hilary Bell and Antonia Pesenti