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Architecture in its Continuums
  • Winner

Designed by
Stuart Geddes
Best Designed Educational Tertiary Book
Uro Publications

About the Designer

Stuart Geddes is a graphic designer and occasional publisher, mostly of books, and occasionally other kinds of projects (magazines and journals, exhibitions and websites). He also co-publishes/edits/designs/prints motorcycle magazine Head Full of Snakes, and is an industry fellow, researcher and PhD candidate at RMIT University.

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Design Rationale

This book captures a lifetime of thinking, in words and drawn ‘ideograms’, of one of Australia’s foremost figures in architecture—professor Leon van Schaik. The ideograms are reproduced here for the first time as they are drawn, on cream paper in a central sketchbook folio. The typography was chosen to have a sense of distinctive penmanship—to sit comfortably with the ideograms—while still having a contemporary attitude and the level of detail required for comprehensive typesetting. The type was set large, with tight margins, utilising all of the page, marked in the corners by small crosses, like the ideograms.

170 x 240 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
This book is printed in three parts: The front and back sections are printed in black on a grey uncoated stock, the middle section is printed in CMYK on a pulpy off-white uncoated stock. The screen-printed plastic jacket is reminiscent of a work-book cover. The lay-flat binding is so flexible it allows the book to open completely flat.
Internal Design
Stuart Geddes
Stuart Geddes
1010 Printing
Leon van Schaik