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Colour, Quality and Perception
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Alissa Dinallo, Gemma Warriner
Best Designed Independent Book
BookEating Press

About the Designer

Alissa is a Sydney-based book designer who has worked in-house at Allen & Unwin and Penguin Random House. When not designing for commercial publishing houses, Alissa also works closely with writers to create artist’s books and typographic works. She is also a co-founder of BookEating Press, a boutique publishing company. She was named Young Designer of the Year at the 2015 Australian Book Design Awards.

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Design Rationale

Colour, Quality and Perception is half of a book of two parts, designed to support an exhibition held in October 2015 titled Apples to Apples. The foundation of the exhibition was the concept of dichotomy, which lead to the decision to bi-sect the book. The two halves, red and green (symbolic of red and green apples), align side by side to create a circle, alluding to an apple graphic. The book functions as an exhibition catalogue, exploring the outcomes and processes of the two designers contributions. The internal design is clean and graphic, delivering information to those engaging in the exhibition in a subtly conceptual manner.

127 x 203 mm
Internal Design
Alissa Dinallo, Gemma Warriner
Alissa Dinallo and Gemma Warriner
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Alissa Dinallo and Gemma Warriner