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Georgiana Houghton: A Gift from Spirit
  • Longlisted

Design Rationale

My immediate design decision was that Houghton’s watercolours should lead the book. They are presented formally and singly, as if in a folio, and without contextualising introduction. Although the format reflects the works’ proportions, reproductions had to be scaled – %’s are included in the captions with two larger drawings shown at 100%. Many works are hand-annotated on the reverse side – the layout replicates this. The accompanying texts (historical, philosophical, technical) with archival images and notes, and with installation views of work in contemporary exhibitions, follow the reproductions. The back cover quote encapsulates the unique nature of Houghton’s practice.

230 x 320 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
There are no special finishes, but it was very important to print on uncoated paper stocks (IKPP and Top Print Board wood free papers) to reflect the fact that the reproduced works are watercolours. It was printed in China partly due to economics, but also of great importance from my perspective is that the lay-flat limp binding option available from 1010 allows the pages to fully open wide, and flat. This form of binding is not readily available in Australia.
Internal Design
Ian Robertson
Houghton reproductions from scans of original works by Visual Heritage, Abbotsford. Installation views from multiple sources, credited in publication.
Ian Robertson
1010 Printing
Editor/Primary author Jeff Stewart, plus Alan Bennett, Lorraine Lee Tet, Georgiana Houghton, Peter Mitchelson, Lois Waters, Christine Mizzi