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How I Rescued my Brain
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Miriam Rosenbloom, Allison Colpoys
Best Designed Non-Fiction Book
Scribe Publications

About the Designer

Miriam has been a book cover designer for over a decade. She has lived in Melbourne and in London where she worked freelance and in-house for a number of publishers including Faber & Faber. Miriam returned to Melbourne in 2011 and took up the role of Art Director for Scribe and Scribe UK. In 2016 she launched Scribe’s first picture book imprint, Scribble. She is one of the founding members of ABDA.

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Design Rationale

The book explores how the author had to literally rewire his brain to recover from a stroke. As he did so, drawing on principles of neuroplasticity and mindfulness, he also healed himself emotionally. Miriam’s design concept was inspired by the Japanese practice of kintsugi, where broken ceramics are repaired with gold so the repairs become a new, beautiful part of the object rather than hidden flaws. Allison took the idea, a perfect analogy for the book, and realised this elegant and deceptively simple solution which echoes both the practise of kintsugi and the physical appearance of the brain’s synapses.

135 x 210 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Gold foil, Uncoated Stock
Internal Design
Allison Colpoys, Miriam Rosenbloom
David Roland