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Madness: A Memoir
  • Winner

Designed by
Allison Colpoys
Best Designed Non-fiction Book
Viking an imprint of Penguin Random House Australia

About the Designer

Allison Colpoys is an award-winning book designer and illustrator, and a lover of pattern and typography. A previous Senior Designer at Penguin Books Australia, she now works in-house at Scribe Publications, and freelances through the Jacky Winter group. Allison’s first illustrated picture book, The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade, won two Australian Book Design Awards, an Australian Book Industry Award, and has been shortlisted for the CBCA’s Crichton Award for the Best New Talent.

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Design Rationale

This memoir about a battle with psychosis is incredible, beautifully written, honest, visceral and disturbing. During episodes of illness, Kate describes frantically writing and re-writing words and thoughts in her norebooks, underlining them, crossing them out and writing over the top of them. I created a pattern by scrawling some of my favourite extracts, using black, blue and red biro pens. I noticed that my biro scribbles created debossed effect in areas where I had done some heavy scribbling, which gave me the idea to use that finish, in an effort to enhance the intense energy of her feverish writing.

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Special finishes
Printed on reverse board with deboss on the title, author and scribbling.
Kate Richards