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Mika Tabata: (Winner) Emerging Designer of the Year 2021
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Designed by
Mika Tabata
Emerging Designer of the Year
Allen & Unwin

About the Designer

Design Rationale

Her Perilous Mansion (Allen & Unwin): Collaborating with illustrator Louie Joyce’s graphic compositions I wanted to explore this unique building in a cinematic way. So a fantastic perspective was created with the main characters anticipating an adventure where light pours in to reveal the magic and an impactful space for the title. The type needed to feel integrated with the art so it initially began with era appropriate blackletter typography but evolved to be more rounder and approachable, curving around to seem more like a floating spell. The goal was for a classic yet exciting entrance that intrigues and enchants the reader.

Her Perilous Mansion
Cover Designer: Mika Tabata
Internal Designer: Mika Tabata
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Sean Williams
Illustrator: Louie Joyce
Typesetter: Midland Typesetters
Printer: McPherson’s Printing Group
Size: 128 x 198 mm
Pages: 336
Finishes: Gloss lamination and foil

Son of the Brush (Allen & Unwin): The author Tim Olsen had 2 evocative childhood photos of himself and renowned artist and father John Olsen. This image was selected as it perfectly captured the complex relationship between the two, whilst difficult (featuring the wine glass was important to this dynamic) is still profound as they stare pensively into an uncertain and exciting life ahead. The type staggers across the image as a stylistic reference to Tim’s iconic Olsen gallery logo. The past and present meeting in one design.

Son of the Brush
Cover Designer: Mika Tabata
Internal Designer: Mika Tabata and Kylie Norton
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Tim Olsen
Robert Walker
Typesetter: Post Pre-press Group
Printer: Griffin Press
Size: 234 x 153 mm
Pages: 496
Finishes: Pantone title, Spot UV and Matt Lamination

The Wisdom of Tea (Allen & Unwin): Essayist, Noriko Morishita writes a series of insights she learns throughout her life as she practices the art of the Japanese tea ceremony. The book needed to reflect a personal approach to what is seen as a rather stuffy tradition and not be mistaken for an instruction manual. Naïve textured illustrations are paired with the Japanese design aesthetic of a minimalist grid and vertical type. A dash of camellia red and pantone green punctures the cover for matcha effectiveness.

The Wisdom of Tea
Cover Designer: Mika Tabata
Internal Designer: Midland Typesetters
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Noriko Morishita
Mika Tabata and Itsu Okumura
Typesetter: Midland Typesetters
Printer: Griffin Press
Size: 208 x 260 mm
Pages: 224
Finishes: Spot UV title

Tiger & Cat (Berbay Books): Allira Tee illustrates this endearing friendship between the title characters with fine details and kindness that deserve all the focus for this book. Tiger and Cat display wonderful poses and scenes that allow classic compositions so MrsEaves felt appropriate in its understated and feminine character. Just like the art the title needed to be elegant with personality so the bold funkiness of Leitura sits neatly in a box. Restraining all the elements to simplicity but maintaining a playfulness and warmth was key to this design.

Tiger & Cat
Cover Designer: Mika Tabata
Internal Designer: Mika Tabata
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Allira Tee
Allira Tee
Typesetter: Mika Tabata
Printer: Everbest Printing Company
Size: 195 x 260 mm
Pages: 40
Finishes: Spot UV title

Internal Design
Mika Tabata