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MMXX: Two Decades of Architecture in Australia
  • Longlisted

Designed by
Akiko Chan, and SouthSouthWest
Best Designed Fully-Illustrated Book over $50
Thames & Hudson Australia

About the Designer

Akiko Chan is a designer and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. She currently works part-time at Schwartz Books and has a freelance practice that focuses on publication and identity design. Driven by content, Akiko uses a wide range of image-making and typographic approaches to find bespoke solutions. When she’s not sitting in front a screen, you’ll find her experimenting in the kitchen or spending time with her pets.

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Design Rationale

MMXX features a wide gamut of content, from architectural photography to essays and plans, speaking to both industry professionals and the ‘prosumer’ architecture enthusiast. The ambitious survey demanded a breakaway from the traditions of the classic ‘architecture book’. The resulting oversized layflat format is accessible yet unconventional, with plans and photography being layered and juxtaposed in unexpected ways. The story of each project is told through a number pertaining to the space. The cover uses a cross-section as a device to echo the diversity of built forms featured in the book, further reiterated by a screen printed acetate jacket.

254 x 349 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Large format flexiback with clear screen printed acetate jacket. Cover text screen printed on jacket.
Internal Design
Akiko Chan, and SouthSouthWest
Akiko Chan with SouthSouthWest
C&C Offset Printing
Cameron Bruhn