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Oxford Science 9
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Sue Dani
Best Designed Educational Primary/Secondary Book
Oxford University Press

About the Designer

Sue is an award-winning educational book designer with over 15 years experience in educational publishing. Her design career began when an opportunity arose in a niche publishing house working with the challenges of magazine design and layout. This was the springboard that propelled her to work across the gamut of design, art direction, illustration, printing and publishing. Sue is currently Design Manager at Oxford University Press and has been instrumental in refreshing the OUP brand.

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Design Rationale

The cover brief for this series required the design to appeal across a broad year 7 – 9 student range and reflect real-life science. Bold colour and typographic treatment, exotic locations and real-life scientists working in the field are used in combination to engage and inspire students. A small blurb on the cover acts as both a design element and to give background on the scientific activity. The text design continues this them with a bold colour palette used for navigation, a visual chapter opener and a single science concept presented per spread to simplify and focus learning of key science concepts.

216 x 280 mm
No. pages
Sheck Wah Tong Printing
Helen Silvester