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Parting Shots: The Last Nights of the Arthouse in Mugshots
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Bettina Kaiser, Anna Brown, Marcus Piper
Best Designed Fully-Illustrated Book over $50, Best Designed Independent Book
Parrot Press

About the Designer

Bettina Kaiser is a designer and visual artist. She is passionate about art and design, and also about the environment and her community. Bettina has over twenty years of experience in designing for print and screen. She relocated from Germany to Australia in 2000, where she has produced art, taught at TAFE, and done design work for a broad range of clients. More recently she had the opportunity to design several book covers for small Australian publishing houses.

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Design Rationale

The goal for the presentation of portraits in Parting Shots was for the subjects to appear in the book as if emerging from a seamless darkness. The black was to be rich and faultlessly consistent throughout the 304 pages but the subjects should themselves stay vibrant and full of colour, to appear like colourful fireworks on a dark sky. Printing in black is very technically challenging. The successful resolution of this project took multiple attempts at variations of image processing, printing and colour balancing. The project has been self funded and taken just over three years to complete.

210 x 260 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Imitation Cloth Cover, Debossed Title, Black Gilding on all Pages
Internal Design
Bettina Kaiser, Anna Brown, Marcus Piper
Anna Brown