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Resurrection Bay
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Sandy Cull
Best Designed Commercial Fiction Cover
Echo Publishing

About the Designer

Sandy has been designing books for more than 20 years. In 2004 and 2005, she won the Best Designed Book of the Year at the Book Design Awards. In 2011 she was the 7th person to be inducted into the Australian Book Design Hall of Fame. Sandy was a founding ABDA committee member, has been a guest speaker at writers’ festivals and an occasional guest lecturer on book design at secondary and tertiary level. She’s still planning to blow the…

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Design Rationale

This needed to appeal to crime readers; urban and dark and somehow highlighting that the protagonist was deaf. In the first round I included this industrial, mono image with forward slashes and unusually, kept the first-time author name up large. On press-day there was a suggestion to change the cover type to something less unusual. I offered some last minute options but thankfully, the publisher chose to stay with this original cover regardless. We did make one compromise: instead of the spine type being large, stacked, range left and broken by slashes, we rotated it without slashes.

234 x 253 mm
No. pages
Internal Design
Shaun Jury
Griffin Press
Emma Viskic