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Shout Out to the Girls, High Five to the Boys and Stand Up for the Future
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
Best Designed Children’s/Young Adult Series
Penguin Random House Australia

About the Designer

Astred is a freelance book designer whose distinctive work for a number of publishing houses covers fiction, non-fiction and educational, with a special emphasis on young adult fiction. She is a sometime lecturer in graphic design and was the lead author of the popular text for tertiary students, ‘Graphic design {Australian style manual}’. Astred has won a number of book design awards during her 14 year career in publishing. Recently she has branched out into illustration as well as design…

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Design Rationale

Similar but different that was approach needed for this series whose books incorporate history and the future, inspiration and affirmation. I fitted the design to each target audience without resorting to stereotypes. Flowers on the girls’ cover but strong Australian flora; plainer for the boys but fluoro pink on the inside jacket; arrows on the third book but convoluted to suggest that the path to the future is not necessarily straightforward. There is meaning in all the design elements. The publishers were so impressed that they invited me to write a Designer’s Note for inclusion in each of the books.

176 x 246 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Matt Lamination and Spot UV
Internal Design
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
Series Illustrator: Astred Hicks, Design Cherry, Internal Illustrator: 70 artists
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
1010 Printing