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The Centre: On Art and Urbanism in China
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Stuart Geddes, Kim Mumm Hansen and Žiga Testen
Best Designed Fully-Illustrated Book under $50
National Gallery of Victoria

About the Designer

Stuart Geddes is a graphic designer and occasional publisher, mostly of books, and occasionally other kinds of projects (magazines and journals, exhibitions and websites). He also co-publishes/edits/designs/prints motorcycle magazine Head Full of Snakes, and is an industry fellow, researcher and PhD candidate at RMIT University.

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Design Rationale

This is the first in a new series of critical ‘readers’ from the NGV, this one considering elements of contemporary art and urbanism in China. The design engages with the content in a number of ways, starting with the mono- or duo- spaced nature of Chinese typesetting, we commissioned a typeface that works with this spacing constraint. This sets the rhythm and proportion of the book through the construction of the grid and to the page size. The design also explores the meanings of the colour yellow in Chinese culture, through a variety of coloured and textured section divider pages.

165 x 240 mm
No. pages
Internal Design
Stuart Geddes, Kim Mumm Hansen and Žiga Testen
Stuart Geddes, Kim Mumm Hansen and Žiga Testen
C&C Offset Printing
Edited by Annika Aitken, Simon Maidment, Ewan McEoin & Megan Patty