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The Kaboom Kid Series
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Hannah Janzen
Best Designed Children’s/Young Adult Series
Simon & Schuster Australia

About the Designer

Hannah is a Sydney-based book designer with an eye for detail and a passion for books. She has 12 years experience working in the Australian publishing industry. After working in a design studio for 6 years across a wide range of publishing clients and genres including: fiction, non-fiction, illustrated books, cookbooks, textbooks, children’s books and YA, she has freelanced for the last six years, specialising in children’s books. Hannah was named Young Designer of the Year in 2012 at the…

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Design Rationale

The brief for ‘The Kaboom Kid’ was to create a fun, energetic, colourful and adventurous series design. The ‘kaboom explosion’ motif creates an eye-catching frame for the series brand whilst adding colour and movement to each cover. The combined cover elements are as visually ‘action-packed’ as the story within! The main challenge was to create a clear, typographical hierarchy for the series brand, title, author and co-authors that would be an effective series, whilst complementing the illustrations. The ‘splash’ motif and the polka-dot theme are carried throughout the typeset design. There are currently four books in the series.

128 x 198 mm
Internal Design
Hannah Janzen
Jules Faber
Midland Typesetters Australia
Griffin Press
David Warner with J.V. McGee