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The Mark Dapin Series
  • Winner

Designed by
Josh Durham
Best Designed Series (including Classics)
Viking an imprint of Penguin Random House Australia

About the Designer

Josh worked in magazine design before setting up his company Design by Committee under the mentorship of Australian book design luminary W.H. Chong. He draws upon a broad skill base to offer both illustrative and concept driven solutions to literary fiction, commercial fiction, YA, children’s, non fiction and illustrated book commissions for all of Australia’s leading publishers.

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Design Rationale

A new book (R&R) and a re-jacketing of two earlier titles by the author in a series style. I wanted to give the books a dynamic illustrative look- incorporating the typography of the titles into the illustrations as a hallmark of the series look. In the case of R&R the title and illustration are completely interwoven into the one unifying visual idea.The illustrations are flat colour but I played with positive and negative space and 3 dimensionality to give them depth and variation. A single typeface was used for all titles giving me the freedom to shift the typographic layout around on each cover but still retain a sense of the overarching series feel. I have long pined to do a train track spine on a book and now I am at peace.

Special finishes
Printed on reverse board
Internal Design
Samantha Jayaweera
Josh Durham
Griffin Press
Mark Dapin