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Timmy the Ticked-off Pony and the Poo of Excitement (Book 1), Bite Me! (Book 2), The Great Escape Fartist (Book 3)
  • Commended

Design Rationale

Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony was such fun to design. A fresh white cover with a simple black and neon Pantone colour palette creates a strong series look that pops in a saturated market. An energetic and playful font combination reflects the character of Timmy, complements the illustration style and hints at the humour and chaos within. These elements continue inside to create a dynamic, comic-style landscape that roars with energy and excitement. Speech bubbles, dialogue lines, pull-out words and shades of bright pantone splash across the pages to create a fun and exciting package for young readers.

150 x 190 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
The cover has a matt varnish finish and is further embellished with a Spot UV gloss. Each book features an additional Pantone colour to distinguish each title in the series. Book 1 – Pantone 802 (Fluoro Green), Book 2 – Pantone 1788 (Bright Red) and Book 3 – Pantone 814 (Fluoro Purple). The covers are 5x colour finish and the internals illustrations are hand coloured throughout in 2x colour finish with additional text and pull-out words for added interest. The inside covers are also coloured with the Pantone colour of each title.
Internal Design
Nicole Stofberg
Dean Rankine
Nicole Stofberg
Hang Tai Printing Company
Magda Szubanski