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Who Eats Who?
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Regine Abos
Best Designed Educational Primary/Secondary Book
Oxford University Press

About the Designer

Reg is an award-winning designer and lecturer who runs the design consultancy Studio Regina. Her passion and expertise lie in book design, having worked extensively with publishers such as Oxford University Press, Black Dog Books (an imprint of Walker Books) and UNICEF. Reg also lectures in Data Visualisation, her other big passion. She runs a blog called Collected, where she designs info graphics on everything from hot chocolates she consumes to the songs stuck in her head.

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Design Rationale

Using specially commissioned illustrations together with stock images, this book aims to present food chain cycles in a fun and engaging way to upper primary students. The graphic approach to the illustrations give the book a contemporary feel that’s quite different from what’s out there in the primary education market. Because this book was versioned for international audiences, the text in the interiors is set in black to accommodate language changes. The typography also follows a set guide for the Oxford Literacy Independent series.

193 x 219 mm
No. pages
Internal Design
Regine Abos, Fiona Lee
Rebecca Elliott
Teresa Heapy