Booktopia’s September Cover Round-up

We’ve reached a huge week in the Australian publishing calendar, with books from some of the country’s biggest authors hitting shelves everywhere. Booktopia’s Brand and Content Manager, Mark Harding, took ABDA through his reasons for loving the cover designs of these highly anticipated titles – he says it’s always exciting to finally see them in the flesh, after many months of waiting.

Booktopia are proud to have been a Platinum Sponsor of the 2020 ABDA Book Design Awards. They’re 100% Australian owned and operated, with awards and industry recognition second to none. Since Booktopia’s inception in 2004, over 3.6 million Australian customers have placed orders – and counting! Their Sydney warehouse is always stocked with hundreds of thousands of books, ready to ship.

Now, over to Mark:

The Living Sea of Waking Dreams by Richard Flanagan, published by Penguin Random House Australia

This book is gorgeous for two reasons; the eye catching cover with the face reflected in water, given a sombre grey treatment, and then the bright, green leafy design that sits under the dust jacket – it was a total surprise to see that vibrancy underneath and makes this not only a wonderful story, but a beautiful object as well.


All Our Shimmering Skies by Trent Dalton, designed by Darren Holt and published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia

Delayed several months due to covid, this book is finally about to reach Australian readers. Ever since the cover reveal several months ago, we’ve been captivated by the brightness, colour and the way that the design playfully interacts with the text. It’s a unique and wonderful cover for a unique and wonderful novel.


Honeybee by Craig Silvey, designed by Lisa White, photographed by Daniel James Grant and published by Allen & Unwin

It’s been a long time since Jasper Jones and it’s great to have a new book by Craig Silvey. This is a beautiful story and this eye-catching cover completely does it justice. Similarly to the cover for Jasper Jones, light plays an important role in revealing character and setting tone.

Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts with us, Mark! All of these stellar new releases are available for purchase from Booktopia.

Booktopia were a sponsor of the 2020 ABDA Book Design Awards and ABDA are proud to feature their work in our Sponsor Series.