The Hot Desk #2: morning routines of book designers

Let’s continue to peek into members’ work spaces and routines: today we hear from two freelance designers, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

Debra Billson
Freelance designer, Melbourne

My groundhog day proceeds as follows:
7.45–8.55 am: Get showered and dressed in proper pants (like a normal human being), then take my son to school.
8.55–9.05 am: Take my KeepCup down to the local Wildbean cafe for a skinny latte and a chat (again, to feel like a normal human being)
9.10 am: Generally fluff around the house, re-arranging things – possibly even a quick sweep of the kitchen floor. Feed the lizard (this is not a euphemism); make my breakfast of yoghurt, muesli and banana; fill up my water bottle, and set up my vaporiser with a calming aroma if I don’t have sweet-smelling flowers.
9.25 am: Put on tracky dacks (yes, I know it was hardly worth dressing in proper pants in the first place!)
9.30 am: Finally sit at desk and check emails and Facebook while Suitcase fonts are loading
9.40 am: Start work
9.45 am: Check Facebook again for an undetermined amount of time …


Emily O’Neill
Freelance designer, Sydney

Could this be the most boring designer’s desk ever?! I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to a clean work space. I try to make the time to clean it up before I start each day – removing old coffee cups, toast crumbs, rogue bits of playdoh from my two-year old and stacks of notes – and start afresh. When my desk looks like this it helps me prioritise what I need to do that day and convinces me I’ve got it all *under control*. Anything I can do away from the computer I do, spreading out around my house for any lettering or illustrating I might be doing. Obviously this all goes out the window come press time! That’s when you’ll find it covered in post-it notes and chocolate.