The Hot Desk #3: morning routines of book designers

We continue to peek into members’ work spaces and routines: today two ABDA committee members.

Alissa Dinallo
Freelance book designer, Sydney

I wake up at 5.45am (can’t help it). I go for walk to a coffee shop down the road and have a long black. I walk back to my apartment, open up my laptop and check all my social media/any emails that may have come in over night/scroll through Pinterest. I have a shower and get dressed and continue to play on Pinterest or read some blogs before walking to my studio at around 7.30/8am. I have another coffee when I get there and write a to-do list for the day. Emails don’t usually roll in until around 9.30/10am so I like to make the most of my solitary morning hours to organise myself or work on things I know I won’t get the chance to later in the day.


Laura Thomas desk

Laura Thomas
Senior designer, Scribe Publications, Melbourne

I like to have a slow, stress-free morning before heading to the office, so I wake up as early as I can manage and take my time with coffee, breakfast, dumb YouTube videos, and feeding the birds in my yard. A short tram ride along Sydney road gets me to the Scribe office in Brunswick. The desk routine usually involves making a list of things I’d like to accomplish today, or what is most pressing. Then more coffee. I have the privilege of sharing a lovely, plant-filled room with the incredibly talented Allison Colpoys (her hands in the pic), so I get the chance to bounce ideas around with her, share snacks!, and generally have a happy, chatty time designing away.