The Hot Desk #4: morning routines of book designers

We continue to peek into members’ work spaces and routines: today two Sydney-based freelancers.

Lisa White
Freelance designer, Sydney

Being relatively new to freelance I have been trying out different approaches to getting started in the morning. Very few days, and sometimes my location, are ever the same. However, I have noticed a couple of rituals are sticking. I like to start with a clear mind and a clear workspace. First I double check my schedule and update my to-do list. Then I go through the chaos I left lying around my desk from the day before, pile things in the order of priority and carefully file anything not needed for the day … to the floor. Yup, I know, deluded but at least my desktop is clear! Then I make a cup of tea/coffee and get stuck in to see if any of the ideas that were swirling in the shower are actually worth persuing. My strictest rule is for all or any faffing to stop by 8am (though, depending on workload and deadlines, faffing can be very sneaky and re-occur when least expected!).


Amy Daoud
Freelance designer, Sydney

Most of my week is spent working from home, so my typical morning ritual involves a scrolling of the ’gram, quick tidying up of misplaced socks, checking of overnight emails and firing up of the coffee machine. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like a vampire, I’ll take a stroll to my favourite local café – Think Cup in tow! Then it’s at the desk in my little office, where I’ll consult the to-do list, throw on some tunes (usually The National) or a podcast (currently Girlboss radio) and try to not be distracted by photo updates of the nephews for the next 7 or so hours.