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Welcome to the New ABDA Website

The Australian Book Designers Association was formed in 2014 to safeguard the future of the longest running design awards in Australia: the annual Book Design Awards, held annually since 1952.

The Awards recognise excellence in Australian book design, but also afford an opportunity for the book design community to gather in the one place. For many of us, the most enjoyable part of the Awards event is spending time among our peers – to network, but more importantly to socialise with like-minded individuals. Book designers are a curious, well-read and passionate bunch, but often we work alone or in small teams, so it’s good to feel part of a community.

In the process of taking over the Awards, the initial committee of volunteers began discussing how to expand beyond a single annual event. A central hub for the book design community was sorely lacking. The ABDA mission, developed over many long conversations, includes the following promise:

ABDA will provide a virtual home for its members, offering news, forums, educational events and more. ABDA will be a dynamic network for industry professionals.

This website is the foundation for our evolving, engaged book design community. It is a space to discover news and events and to read articles by and about book designers. It is a site for publishers to advertise jobs and to find designers, and for ABDA members to showcase our work to the world.

The site gives us national (and international) reach, and we extend a warm welcome to designers from cities other than Melbourne and Sydney who have been unable to attend events.

Take some time to browse the archive and the member profiles. Read the blog – there will be regular posts, fresh ideas and provocative discussions from our members. Check upcoming events – they’re for you. And don’t forget: spread the word! ABDA is an emerging non-profit organisation, we rely on the participation of our members to expand and develop our association.

Zoë Sadokierski, President, Australian Book Designers Association


Image designed by W.H. Chong