Three Cheers for Two Years of ABDA

21 March 2016 marks ABDA’s second birthday. It’s been a busy two years since we incorporated. Due to a quirk of timing we’ve already held three annual Design Awards (!), with the next one in May. These have been big logistical affairs exploiting, for the first time in six decades of Australian book design awards, online portals which allowed us to call on international judges. We’ve held several events, like the popular members-meet-over-drinks, several film nights and a wonderful visit from David Pearson — he sprinkled his London stories and insights over excellent crowds in Melbourne and Sydney. We had our first AGM last August, and of course, the ABDA website was launched earlier this year. So there is quite a bit to celebrate.

Various ABDA members have sent in birthday greetings.

Thanks everyone, happy birthday to us all.



There’s cause for hearty celebration
Because book designers are now in association
Nearly one hundred members strong
It really hasn’t taken long
Two years precisely by my calculation

Our website is quite a beautiful thing
And an employee Claire who makes it all hum and sing
We confer and compare
We support each other and care
And best of all we soak our cucumber in gin

So here’s to ABDA and all who help make it legit
To our sponsors and members for all you commit
The landscape has changed
We are no more estranged
Happy birthday ABDA, here’s cheers to it.

From Sandy Cull




Congratulations ABDA on two years of championing the unique qualities and excellence of Australian book design. Your efforts in developing a creative community for those who are passionate about book design are to be applauded. May your light shine for many years to come.

From Deborah Brash
(Former Art Director Penguin Books; Creative Director Murdoch Books)





Happy 2nd Birthday Australian Book Design Awards from Oxford University Press. It’s been a wonderful 2 years so far and we look forward to the many years ahead.
From Oxford University Press





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