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A Perfidious Distortion of History: the Versailles Peace Treaty and the success of the Nazis
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Designed by
Allison Colpoys
Best Designed Non-Fiction Book
Scribe Publications

About the Designer

Allison Colpoys is an award-winning designer and illustrator, and the Art Director at Scribe Publications. Her picture books include The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade, Under the Love Umbrella, If All the World Were… and All the Ways To Be Smart. As well as receiving numerous Australian Book Design Awards for her illustration and cover design, she has won the CBCA Crichton Award for Best New Talent and two Australian Book Industry Awards.

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Design Rationale

In this book, author Jurgen Tampke tackles the much-debated question of whether the Treaty of Versailles caused the Second World War. I did quite a bit of picture research for this and was relieved when I found this image of David Lloyd George, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Georges Benjamin Clemenceau and Thomas Woodrow Wilson, taken at the Versailles Peace Treaty. I knew I wanted them and the title to appear as large as possible on the cover and for it to appear quite bold. I enjoyed researching fonts that could be appropriate for this period and tone of the title.

153 x 234
No. pages
Special finishes
Case: Pantone Neutral Black U & Pantone Bright Red U) + + matt lamination Jacket: CMYK on 128gsm Gloss art + matt lamination + spot UV
Internal Design
Allison Colpoys
Jürgen Tampke