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Hannah Janzen: (Winner) Young Designer of the Year 2012
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Designed by
Hannah Janzen
Young Designer of the Year
ABC Books an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

About the Designer

Hannah is a Sydney-based book designer with an eye for detail and a passion for books. She has 12 years experience working in the Australian publishing industry. After working in a design studio for 6 years across a wide range of publishing clients and genres including: fiction, non-fiction, illustrated books, cookbooks, textbooks, children’s books and YA, she has freelanced for the last six years, specialising in children’s books. Hannah was named Young Designer of the Year in 2012 at the…

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Design Rationale

Hannah Janzen (nee Robinson) from XOU Creative submitted Wide Open Road (ABC Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers Australia), Chasing Odysseus (Pantera Press), And Red Galoshes (Little Hare, an imprint of Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing) and The Elegant Art of Falling Apart (Hachette Australia). All four books are from different genres and each targeting different audiences.

Hannah has the advantage of working across a range of formats and titles to show a variety of skills, and her work in each area is consistently strong.  The cover of Wide Open Road is striking and evocative, it stands out amongst other books. And Red Galoshes is an appealing picture book with lovely typography. The handwork created from a range of media on Chasing Odysseus and hand-drawn type on The Elegant Art of Falling Apart shows a different approach for a cancer memoir – perhaps because Hannah is coming from outside the publishing industry. This fresh approach and restraint was appreciated.

Overall her work shows a willingness to try different things and confidence with their execution.

Special finishes
And Red Galoshes (Matt Gloss with Spot UV), The Elegant Art of Falling Apart (Matt Gloss with Spot UV), Wide Open Road (Wibilin with deboss on title), Chasing Odysseus (Matt Gloss, Metallic Pantone 2x colour print with emboss on title and illustrated elements)
Internal Design
Hannah Janzen
And Red Galoshes (Jonathan Bentley), The Elegant Art of Falling Apart (Hannah Janzen) and Chasing Odysseus (Hannah Janzen)
Hannah Janzen
And Red Galoshes (Phoenix Offset), The Elegant Art of Falling Apart (Griffin Press), Wide Open Road (R.R. Donnelley) and Chasing Odysseus (McPherson's Printing Group)
And Red Galoshes (Glenda Millard), The Elegant Art of Falling Apart (Jessica Jones), Wide Open Road (Tony Davis) and Chasing Odysseus (S.D. Gentill)