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Hans Fallada Series
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Miriam Rosenbloom
Best Designed Series (including Classics)
Scribe Publications

About the Designer

Miriam has been a book cover designer for over a decade. She has lived in Melbourne and in London where she worked freelance and in-house for a number of publishers including Faber & Faber. Miriam returned to Melbourne in 2011 and took up the role of Art Director for Scribe and Scribe UK. In 2016 she launched Scribe’s first picture book imprint, Scribble. She is one of the founding members of ABDA.

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Design Rationale

These modernist designs intentionally break from traditional literary fiction cover design to bring 20th century German novelist Hans Falladaís fiction to a contemporary Australian audience. Both the patterns and the print techniques of this series design evoke pre-war Germany, the setting for Falladaís work. The patterns are constructions based on themes from the book; one design is based on the deconstruction of the Nazi flag. The design are printed emulating production techniques from this same era: solid areas of matt foil are stamped onto an uncoated surface which gives solidity to the colour and tactility to the surface.

137 x 213 mm
Special finishes
Uncoated stock, foiling
Internal Design
Miriam Rosenbloom
Miriam Rosenbloom
Hans Fallada