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Harpercollins Australian Classics (Selected Stories of Henry Lawson and Complete Poems of Banjo Paterson)
  • Winner

Design Rationale

Whilst researching images for the case and endpapers we realised that the standard jacket on the foil case would be predictable so we discarded the jacket entirely and print a single, striking monochromatic image straight onto the wibalin. As the title of the book also contained the names of the authors, all the text could be contained within a single element. I used the ideas of ‘complete’ and ‘selected’ to build a small stack of text with an accompany symbol. The text stack and symbol would be foiled and moved around (with different font) depending on the selected image.

153 x 210 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Hardback + Bronze and Silver Foil
Internal Design
Darren Holt
Kirby Jones
McPherson's Printing Group
A.B. Paterson and Henry Lawson