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Imogen Stubbs

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Imogen Stubbs
Young Designer of the Year
Text Publishing

About the Designer

Imogen is the art director at Text Publishing, where she has worked as a book designer and production manager since 2011. She manages the book and marketing design program while also designing covers for literary fiction, non-fiction, young adult and middle grade titles. In 2015 she was shortlisted for Young Designer of the Year at the Australian Book Design Awards. Previously she designed and art directed the literary magazines Harvest and The Key of Sea Journal. Imogen served on the…

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Design Rationale

My design philosophy is guided by an overarching aim to marry visual content and typography in a way that conveys the essence of a book. Above everything, I strive to create an emotional moment or landscape for the reader that will connect them to the author’s work. I also believe in the importance of researching genre conventions and market tastes, and then controlling the tension of the cover by pushing these as much or as little as the individual project requires. I think the variation in style across my work reflects this respect for each title and a desire for the design to be an extension of the work, rather than a separate addition to it.