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Jessica Horrocks
  • Emerging Designer of the Year
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Designed by
Jessica Horrocks
Emerging Designer of the Year

About the Designer

Jessica is a designer and production coordinator at Text Publishing, where she has worked since 2015. Prior to this she had a brief stint in the design department of an advertising agency and a longer one in the production department of an educational publisher. She won Emerging Designer of the Year at the 2019 Australian Book Design Awards.

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Design Rationale

Jessica Horrocks cleverly communicates the style and content of the books through her design; her folio gave a sense of how diverse she is as designer, able to find a cohesive balance between type and image across all her work. Of particular note was the texture and venn diagram cookie used on The Helpline cover design. One judge commented that ‘Jessica’s covers are not only impressive individually, they also demonstrate how comfortable she is working in different styles on different genres, producing something that’s entirely appropriate each time, combined with her individual take on things. I think she’s already gone beyond the stage of “emerging”’.