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The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals
  • Winner

Designed by
Daniel New, Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
Best Designed Children's Non-Fiction Illustrated Book
Hachette Australia

About the Designer

Daniel works closely with publishers and authors to capture unique stories and bring their visions to life. He was previously art director and designer at Lantern, Penguin Books, where he worked for a decade with experts in food, lifestyle and design. He is an award-winning designer with over 20 years’ experience. Daniel was a founding member of the Australian Book Designers Association and in 2017 he founded ‘New Studio’ in Surry Hills, Sydney.

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Design Rationale

Ugly animals still deserve love especially when they are so beautifully illustrated! We wanted to recall the wondrous natural history encyclopaedias of the Victorian era, using an ornamental type face, name plates, and pages textured like aged paper. I felt the animals, and the reader, should be respected and designed a layout that wasn’t sensationalist or flashy. We felt that this lent the text an approachable, friendly tone with an air of authority. I worked up a playful, vintage title treatment and used gold foil and a 3/4 cloth binding to achieve this.

290 x 235 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Quarter binding, gold foil, head and tail-bands
Internal Design
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
Sami Bayly
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
1010 Printing
Sami Bayly