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The Museum of Words: A Memoir of Language, Writing and Mortality
  • Winner

Designed by
Allison Colpoys
Best Designed Non-Fiction Cover
Scribe Publications

About the Designer

Allison Colpoys is an award-winning designer and illustrator, and the Art Director at Scribe Publications. Her picture books include The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade, Under the Love Umbrella, If All the World Were… and All the Ways To Be Smart. As well as receiving numerous Australian Book Design Awards for her illustration and cover design, she has won the CBCA Crichton Award for Best New Talent and two Australian Book Industry Awards.

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Design Rationale

Georgia Blain’s memoir was published posthumously and I was both immensely moved reading it and felt a lot of pressure designing this book. I had different ideas that I tried, but the original concept I had was in response to the reoccurring theme of the breaking down of language due to illness — ‘The words are floating’, Georgia writes after a bout of chemotherapy. I spray painted letters to try to create an effect of words fading and blending. I worked very closely with the books editor, Marika Webb-Pullman and my art director Miriam Rosenbloom to achieve the final result.

148 x 210 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
(PMS Neutral Black) on 140gsm IKPP White Woodfree PMS Neutral Black U + PMS 9345 U) + Machine varnish + Foil Matte Gold 941 on 140gsm IKPP White Woodfree
Internal Design
Allison Colpoys
Allison Colpoys
1010 Printing
Georgia Blain