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The Year the Maps Changed
  • Finalist

Designed by
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
Best Designed Children's Fiction Book
Lothian Children's Books an imprint of Hachette Australia

About the Designer

Astred is a freelance book designer whose distinctive work for a number of publishing houses covers fiction, non-fiction and educational, with a special emphasis on young adult fiction. She is a sometime lecturer in graphic design and was the lead author of the popular text for tertiary students, ‘Graphic design {Australian style manual}’. Astred has won a number of book design awards during her 14 year career in publishing. Recently she has branched out into illustration as well as design…

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Design Rationale

Excitingly the new generation of design-savvy mid-grade readers appreciate nuanced, beautiful covers.

This literary fiction for mid-grade, set in 1990s Mornington Peninsula, provided an excellent conceptual collaboration between myself, publisher and involved author.

Initially experimenting with topography and riffing on map symbolism. It wasn’t until we discussed mud-maps that the illustration fell into place. Limited colour pallet invokes nostalgia, an illustrated town as seen through the eyes of a kid. Hand-lettered title woven through the land, holds much symbolism as a haphazard HOLLYWOOD sign. Far from being a static map, the scribbly illustration encourages movement.

197 x 129 mm
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Internal Design
Bookhouse Sydney
Astred Hicks, Design Cherry
Bookhouse Sydney
McPherson's Printing Group
Danielle Binks