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We are all Stardust
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Allison Colpoys
Best Designed Non-Fiction Book
Scribe Publications

About the Designer

Allison Colpoys is an award-winning designer and illustrator, and the Art Director at Scribe Publications. Her picture books include The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade, Under the Love Umbrella, If All the World Were… and All the Ways To Be Smart. As well as receiving numerous Australian Book Design Awards for her illustration and cover design, she has won the CBCA Crichton Award for Best New Talent and two Australian Book Industry Awards.

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Design Rationale

We Are All Stardust is a fascinating collection of intimate conversations between acclaimed science writer Stefan Klein and 19 of the worlds best natural and social scientist. There are so many big names in the science world that have contributed to this wonderful book and we wanted to make sure they were clearly listed on the cover. Which, after the title, subtitle and author name, made for a lot of type on the cover and not much room for anything else. So I had the idea to make the cover a constellation map with paths linking the well known scientists. I think this cover came together quite easily because the idea was pretty straight forward, I just needed to keep tweaking it until all of the elements fit and looked balanced. And my art director, Miriam Rosenbloom, and I thought that with subject matter like this the cover could do with a bit of extra magic, so we foiled all of the type and illustrations in silver, on a cobalt pantone background.

140 x 210 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Matt silver foil
Internal Design
Allison Colpoys
Allison Colpoys
Allison Colpoys
Griffin Press
Stefan Klein