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Making Faces – A Jewellery Playbook
  • Shortlisted

Designed by
Stuart Geddes, Žiga Testen
Best Designed Independent Book
Manon van Kouswijk

About the Designer

Stuart Geddes is a graphic designer and occasional publisher, mostly of books, and occasionally other kinds of projects (magazines and journals, exhibitions and websites). He also co-publishes/edits/designs/prints motorcycle magazine Head Full of Snakes, and is an industry fellow, researcher and PhD candidate at RMIT University.

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Design Rationale

Making Faces—a jewellery playbook is a hybrid book—part catalogue for a new body of work, part artists book for contemporary artist and jewellery maker Manon van Kouswijk. The new collection from van Kouswijk continues her practice of using cheap and generic materials in inventive ways—in this case coloured plastic beads sliced together in sections to create multi-coloured necklaces. The book mirrors the collection by using a selection of generic papers (coloured copy papers from officeworks, brown kraft paper, etc) and overprinting a series of coloured prints using a randomising system to ensure no two books ar

200 x 275 mm
No. pages
Special finishes
Making Faces—a jewellery playbook was printed partly on an Indigo digital press (the gloss CMYK pages), partly on a conventional offset press (the poster/dust jacket), and partly by the designers on a Risograph duplicator (the cover, text pages, and remaining image pages).
Internal Design
Stuart Geddes, Žiga Testen
Stuart Geddes and Žiga Testen
Print Shop, Printgraphics and CMYK Hub
Manon van Kouswijk