Shortlisted Books

The Precincts Series
  • Winner

Designed by
Michelle Mackintosh
Best Designed Series (including Classics)
Hardie Grant Publishing
Design Rationale

This series has forged it’s own place in an over saturated travel book market place. The bold used of cover patterns tells the reader about the city with out having to show them pictures. And the target market that picks this book up know the book is right for their taste. These books straddle both the inspirational read genre and the practice guide space. A limited palette is chosen for each book in the series. The cover pattern pops up in mutated formats on the pages. A variety of page layouts house photographs. These layouts have been designed to showcase great photos, show variety and if photographs are supplied in lower resolution there are layouts where design elements are brought forward to compensate for image quality. Each book stands on it’s own and looks beautiful in the series. The hardback cover and spine emboss give the series a tactile feel, making it a perfect display or coffee table book.

170 x 210 mm
Special finishes
Matt Lamination, Spot UV, Deboss on cover and spine
Internal Design
Michelle Mackintosh
Michelle Mackintosh
1010 Printing